San Antonio is nationally recognized as the #2 epicenter for defense-related cybersecurity missions, existing federal contractors supporting those missions, and the existence of innovative public-private partnerships that allow private-sector companies to work with DOD partners to provide solutions to critical problem sets

Cybersecurity Business 

San Antonio-based commercially-focused cybersecurity companies have seen job growth and the number of companies operating in San Antonio have increased

Startup Community

San Antonio emerges as a hub for cybersecurity start-ups and leads the nation in the infrastructure, networks and mentorship provided to transitioning military members and is home to a vibrant and accelerated cybersecurity company start-up scene

Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline 

CyberSecurity San Antonio will support industry engagement with local colleges and universities to increase cybersecurity and computer science degree output, create more company start-ups from college students, and develop connections to ensure local grads are educated on internships, open positions and existing aspects of the cybersecurity ecosystem.