Cybersecurity Bootcamp _FINAL_2015

Cybersecurity Bootcamp _FINAL_2015

San Antonio boasts an abundance of cybersecurity talent. Every year skilled cybersecurity specialists transition from government service to civilian roles. These members of our community are armed with the highest level of technical skills and may have developed or considered concepts or innovations that can be the catalyst for new cybersecurity solutions or business opportunities. These opportunities can grow into commercial businesses that will drive our local economy.

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce through its industry-driven program – CyberSecurity San Antonio – has organized a quarterly bootcamp that will equip entrepreneurial men and women who are leaving government service with the skills and knowledge to consider creating a new business right here in our community.

This bootcamp is open to all transitioning military and government civilian employees with previous cybersecurity/information assurance expertise, as well as entrepreneurs of all sorts. The program will expose cybersecurity talent to key business concepts. The bootcamp is conducted by professionals who have built successful businesses in cybersecurity after leaving military service. This mentored program is designed to open the door for new commercial cybersecurity companies in our community to complement the federal and private sector assets in San Antonio.

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